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We developed an all-natural supplement for beating Finasteride side effects specifically designed to help men who were negatively affected by Propecia-type drugs and saw palmetto. These are the ingredients medical doctors and myself chose for this formulation.

What is Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

Side effects of finasteride that remain after stopping

Finasteride is a 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor, meaning it helps to effectively shut down your body's conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. DHT however is incredibly important and necessary for the male physiology, as 5-Alpha Reductase deficient male babies in utero did not develop full male genitalia. 

Some men continue to feel the side effects of finasteride, even months or years after stopping the drug. This often begins months after stopping the drug in what is commonly known as the "post finasteride crash" or "Post-Finasteride Syndrome".

Our story

 I was affected negatively by the side effects of finasteride and saw palmetto. Attempting to get better has been a learning experience, one that I want to share with others. My crash occurred in February of 2014, and while I'm still not 100% recovered, I have improved tremendously. 

When I started out on my road to recovery, I had a backpack filled to the brim with supplements I was trying out in an effort to find something that worked for men with pfs. It was a 2-year long process that eventually resulted in the supplement we designed to help men get going again. 

Our mission

Our goal is to assist men with overcoming the "post-finasteride crash" and "post-finaseride syndrome" that is still not completely understood, but affects a significant minority of men. By simply sharing what works for us with others, we will offer something of value to those searching for ways to improve their own lives and health. 

It is important to realize first that you are not alone. 

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