How Men Are Beating PFS

Modify A Little

No drug can treat and reverse all the symptoms of pfs. However, research has shown that there are simple methods including natural supplements and a few potential medications, diet and lifestyle changes to improve your chances of getting over Finasteride/Propecia side effects.

Do these 5 Things Now

 1. Avoid the excessive use of caffeine.

Sleeplessness or Insomnia is a persistent complication you can experience in case you are suffering from the post-finasteride syndrome. Caffeine is a potent stimulant that can hinder you from having a peaceful sleep, especially when taken during late evenings. Again, if you are fighting with anxiety, caffeine can worsen your condition making it hard for you to focus on your general wellbeing. Avoiding caffeine helps to improve your recovery from persistent side effects of pfs. 

2. Try natural supplements

Try natural supplements but remember to start with small doses. You may increase the dose if there is any improvement. Some of the natural supplements you can consider include: 

• Iodine

About 75% of all adult Americans are iodine deficient, and this mineral boosts the metabolism as well as helps the thyroid- the result is feeling better.

• Tribulus Terrestris 

This is an herb that has been used for long in treating impotence, increase sexual drive and performance. Tribulus Terrestris helps to stimulate the production of LH hormone in the pituitary gland. LH hormone helps induce the production of testosterone in the testes.

 However, if you are suffering from PFS, you are experience a low production of LH hormone. Tribulus Terrestris is essential and worth a try if you are battling with pfs. It improves libido and erections. 

• Melatonin; this is a hormone that helps to restore sleep deprivation and sleep patterns. It is very useful if you are experiencing pfs. The post-finasteride syndrome can make you sleep only for two or three hours. Getting a melatonin boost can give you an edge in fighting sleeplessness.

• Mineral and multivitamin supplements- Research shows that finasteride can deplete zinc minerals in your body. Zinc has an impact on your sexual behavior. Supplementing your diet with zinc mineral supplements can help to avoid some of the side effects of pfs. Low levels of vitamin D is another symptom that results from taking finasteride. Sun exposure is critical in restoring vitamin D in your body. 

3. Workout 

A workout is a great companion if you are fighting pfs. It brings relief to depression and some symptoms of the post-finasteride syndrome. Exercises promote the production of growth hormones and make you feel better every day. However, it is recommended not to over-exercise as it can worsen your state. Resistance training is preferable once or twice a week.

4. Ditch those antidepressants

Research shows that the use of SSRI antidepressants can worsen depression and anxiety in pfs patients. If you must treat anxiety and you are suffering from pfs, try alternative solutions such as exercises. Try to remain active and avoid circumstances that make you stressed. 

5. Avoid drinking too much

Alcohol is harmful to your liver. Besides, alcohol requires too much energy for digestion which is hazardous during your recovery period. Avoiding alcohol helps to save energy that is vital for your body for recovery. 

At the End of the Day

Hormonal adjustments and lifestyle changes are the recommended remedies for reversing the adverse side effects of pfs. Though pfs symptoms may take time to treat, it is good to observe these adjustments for yourself. 

Post-finasteride syndrome symptoms are not 100% permanent and should never make you give up. First, you must learn to let go.