the Whole Story of Finasteride


Post Finasteride Syndrome is a condition that is observed to occur in patients taking Finasteride/Proscar/Propecia and even saw palmetto. The symptoms are usually observed to be sexual, physical and even neurological. 

Side Effects of Finasteride, Propecia, Proscar & Saw Palmetto

From partial to complete loss of libido to depression and insomnia, the men whom finasteride affects the most negatively may face a wide range of side effects which may not end when you stop taking of the drug.

Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation

Created in 2012, the Post Finasteride Foundation serves as the most important central hub of information and resources for doctors and patients dedicated to eliminating the irreversible negative effects of hair loss drugs like Propecia and Finasteride.

What's Working for the Men Who Are Getting Better?

Some men are handling PFS better than others through education, acceptance, and adaptation. Here men are learning new strategies on how to get their lives back on track. The good news is that most men do seem to get better.

Get Help Now

We offer resources to men like a free and easy online support group through facebook, free help videos for post finasteride syndrome delivered to your inbox, as well as lifestyle ideas and supplementation that works to help you overcome hair loss product sides and just feel better.