Medical Treatment for PFS

No "Cure" Exists for PFS

However, many men will likely benefit from doing something about the underlying conditions that made them susceptible to the sides of Propecia or the post finasteride crash. One potential treatment is TRT, or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, though additional help may be required for erectile dysfunction as TRT may not be enough.

Even though TRT may provide some benefit to men with PFS, it has been found that excessive TRT, using topical gels and trying other hormones for treating androgen deficiency as an approach to treating PFS don't usually work, as PFS may not be from androgen deficiency at all.

 "The clinical implications of these findings are that symptomatic finasteride users are unlikely to benefit from treatment with testosterone, DHT, or any other androgen because these patients do not have evidence of androgen deficiency, persistent SRD5A inhibition or androgen insensitivity," the researchers conclude.

"Attention may be focused instead on the treatment of depression and sexual symptoms," they add. "Furthermore, as men seeking treatment for alopecia have higher prevalence of depression and sexual dysfunction than the general population, it would be appropriate to ascertain history of depression or sexual dysfunction before starting treatment." 

- Dr. Shalender Bhasin, Harvard Medical School  

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone: The magical hormone responsible for many positive changes in the human body, is sometimes found to be low in men with  PFS. 

It is said that we owe our youth and virility to this hormone. Testosterone is produced in the men's testes and responsible for increasing muscle mass, sharp memory, mental focus, boost libido as well as increasing energy level. Today, people who seek to re-gain their lost virility often undergo testosterone therapy. 

It is believed that testosterone therapy is the ultimate anti-aging formula. But health benefit of this therapy is still under review.Some men are interested in testosterone therapy even if their testosterone levels are considered normal already. 

Low T is often the result of aging as the body produces less and less into your 30s and beyond. The deficiency may lead to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or in some cases ejaculation takes place less often than normal.

Men who have used Testosterone Replacement Therapy have reported raching a maximum improvement of sexual function within a month. If you are suffering from temporary low testosterone level, some pills containing zinc may be quite useful also. 

Medical science is yet to find out the actual reason behind the sperm deficiency but it is quite clear that zinc can help men who are less fertile. You can find other changes that show when Testosterone insufficiency occurs:

o Decreasing muscle power and mass

o Changes in cholesterol levels

o Mild Anemia or reduction in hemoglobin

o Changes in lipid levels

o Energy deficiency

o Mood variation

o Less interest in intimacy

When these symptoms occur men can consider TRT.

Pros:- Therapy restores intimate function.- Prevents bone loss- Protects from cardiovascular disease- Improve muscle strength- Energy deficit disappears- Enhance the quality of skin area and hair- Improve libido- Improve cognitive functions- Decrease depressive disorder and irritability

Cons:- Develop benign development of prostate and cause urinary problems.- Can form prostate cancer in some instances.- Enlargement of chest or gynecomastia.- Can develop breasts cancer.- Cause testicular atrophy.- Can limit sperm creation or can cause infertility- Can cause water retention, skin reaction, hair loss, sleeping disorder and acne.

You really need to consider the benefits and drawbacks before going in for medical treatment of Testosterone deficiency.

Other Experimental Treatments


Clomid is a fertility drug given to women primarily, but some doctors will prescribed it for the purpose of altering male levels of Luteinizing Hormone in the pituitary gland.

"I universally find PFS men with clinical hypogonadism and an abnormal hormone profile diagnostic of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH), and optimization of this, with control of estradiol levels, quite often yields meaningful sexual and emotional benefits to these men."

- Dr. Alan Jacobs, Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing in New York, speciliazing in helping men with post-finasteride symptoms