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The Importance of Realizing You Are Not Alone

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There are experiences in life that leave us feeling helpless, hopeless and emotionally out of control. Having harmful emotions and anxieties that will not go away are just a few things people with PFS feel. Trauma of this sort can also leave you with feelings of numbness, disconnection from the surrounding world and isolation. In the US alone, 20 percent of the adult population experiences some type of trauma at least once in their lives.

PFS is not trauma you can deal with completely on your own. The importance of a support group when overcoming personal trauma or loss of this type can not be overstated.

Basically, a support group is an organization of people or groups that face the same challenges coming together to share how they cope with the challenge and find an amicable solution to what they are dealing with. There are numerous benefits of being part of a support group to overcome trauma. It is usually said that a problem shared is half solved. Let us look at the importance of a support group to overcome trauma.

1. Knowing that there are others who share the same experiences that you are dealing with comes with so much relief. It provides an atmosphere of identification which helps to show you that there is nothing wrong with you because such situations occur to other people also.

2. Being part of a support group provides a safe atmosphere for you to share your challenges and fears without fear of being stigmatized or judged. This is helpful in helping you to open up and let others take the weight off your shoulder. Most people keep problems to themselves because of fear of being judged, looked down upon or misunderstood.
Since the atmosphere is safe, you will quickly learn to connect with people and to have trust in them. Something that a traumatic experience takes away from you.

3. Support groups give individuals some sense of responsibility. By sharing your experience and offering your opinions and insight, you will find that you are helping a lot of people. Better still, you may be given a task like sending correspondence or helping in communication and organization of the meetings. This will do a lot to ensure that you move on from the traumatic experience by instilling a sense of purpose. You will quickly learn there is more to life and that you can make a difference in life.

4. A support group gives one a wonderful opportunity to learn different perspectives from others. You will get insight and tips on how to deal with daily challenges. You also learn how to communicate your challenges and how to get help on things that are too big for you to bear alone.

A problem shared is a problem half-solved.

Click here to join the Post-Fin Survivors private facebook support group.