Fine-Tuning Your Lifestyle

Beating PFS is a Life-Long Race, Not a Sprint

1. Minimize Stress 

Stress leads to an increase in the cortisol hormones. The cortisol hormone works in lowering your androgen levels. To tackle the problem of the deficiency, you can look for ways of reducing your stress levels because they are linked with an increase in cortisol hormones which in turn lead to lowering your androgen levels. You can change your lifestyle and get involved in activities where you are happy. If your stress is due to certain life conditions, consult an expert counselor who will help you tackle the problem. 

2. Exercise and Lift Weights

Heavy impact exercises and weight lifting routines have great benefit on your androgen levels. In men adults who face the problem of low androgen levels, regular exercises are very effective in boosting the levels. Regular workouts are also necessary for you to get rid of excess fats from your body which can compromise your health in general, and keep your heart strong and blood circulating properly.

3. Sun exposure and a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is necessary for you to have optimum levels of male hormones. People who have low blood levels and the elderly tend to develop low levels of vitamin D which in effect affect their hormone levels. You can make a habit of getting exposure to the sun for at least 15 minutes each day so that you can boost your vitamin D levels which will impact positively on your male hormone levels. Apart from exposure to the sun, you can as well take natural vitamin D supplements for you to increase your vitamin D levels. 

4. Eat a paleo and carb loading diet

Eating lots of protein from steak and fish will mean getting lots of iron and b vitamins, as well as feeling full. Getting fats and proteins early on in your day, and allowing yourself time at night to eat lots of carbs can often have a positive effect on your male hormones.

5. Get enough rest and quality sleep

Just the way exercise and diet are necessary for good health; you should as well check on your rest and sleep. For you to live healthy life, you should ensure you have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep in a day. Enough sleep and rest allow your body to rejuvenate after exercises and stay healthy. The more you sleep and rest, the higher the chances you will get rid of androgen deficiency as well as other health complications.