Post-Finasteride Support

Join the Post-Fin Group

Join our private members-only support group on facebook for daily encouragement and updates on other peoples progress. Share what's working for you, or get a hopeful word from somebody who's already done it. Simply visit the group and request to join, and you will be approved likely within the next 24 hours.

Get Free Help Videos

It never hurts being reminded that someone else has already been there done that. This free 7-video series delivered over the next 21 days to your inbox will give you some extra help if you are new to Post Finasteride Syndrome.

Get the Supplement

I used to have an entire backpack and a half filled with supplements in search of anything that would make me feel better. I had all but given up when about a year later I stumbled upon a few ingredients that made a difference in my daily life- ones that I have always shared with other men with PFS.

Make Lifestyle Changes

You were probably already active and health-conscious before taking finasteride, but now you'll benefit from fine-tuning your workouts, diet, and supplement approach to beating PFS. 

Seek Medical Treatment

Many doctors are clueless when it comes to the reality that many men will face dealing with the side effects of finasteride. Seeking help from doctors affiliated with the PFS Foundation is one place to start. Another potential route is TRT, or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which seems to help men in general as they age.