the PFS Foundation

Helping connect doctors and patients to solutions


Post Finasteride Syndrome is often considered an incurable condition with very few effective treatments. It results from consuming finasteride or any alpha 5 reductase inhibitor which is typically used to treat an enlarged prostrate or hair loss. The Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation (PFS Foundation) is a nonprofit corporation that has dedicated time and effort to expand the public knowledge of PFS, and has been in operation since 2012.  

Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation Overview

PFS foundation has focused on creating awareness of PFS. They have provided resources that can help victims of this condition and also their families. The foundation is not aiming at reaching just a few people but a very large audience. This is seen in the methods they have chosen to create awareness about the condition. 

One method the foundation uses to create awareness is through social media. They redesigned their Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts in 2016. All who would like to support them and get more information on PFS can like, follow or subscribe to their account. Another method used is media awareness with articles being printed on newspapers locally and internationally. 

Additionally, documentaries on PFS being shown on television on the Spanish and Belgian public networks. PFS has never been a topic discussed at length on television but with the debut of these documentaries, many people got to see an extended coverage of the condition.   

The foundation has not stopped at this since they want to make a positive impact for all those suffering due to PFS. In addition to creating awareness, the foundation has also funded clinical and scientific research into this condition. The research is meant to find out the hidden biological mechanisms of finasteride. 


Abdulmaged M. Traish, a professor of urology and biochemistry published a paper on how finasteride impacts the male sexual function and psychological function. He said that finasteride can cause sexual side effects, cause depression and bring about mood changes. As more research is being conducted, scientists and medical professionals are also trying to come up with effective treatments for the condition since the ones currently available have little to no impact when it comes to treating the condition.   

Medical awareness has also been created by educating their list of doctors about the condition and communicating any new information to them. PFS Foundation has a list of health care professionals and doctors who are familiar with PFS use and have done some research about it. There are now more than 30,000 people on the list.  

The foundation has also provided support to people suffering from PFS. They have gathered relevant information about PFS victims living in a certain location and they bring together those living in the same location. They can thus interact with one another and get to encourage one another through their experiences. In the list of patient support, there are doctors who have a background of PFS and they help victims to cope with the symptoms of the condition.   

Result of PFS Foundation Activities

The hard work of all in the foundation bore fruits when in 2015 PFS was added to Genetic and Rare Disease Center (GARD) by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Additionally, a link to the PFS foundation website was also added.